Woodcutter’s Ball and Night of a Thousand Stars

This was a concert at the wonderfully louchely-apportioned Embassy Rooms, which I think were fittingly a centre for the Lounge Scene at around the same time. I remember the evening going on for a very long time – such that at one point I wondered whether that was it for the rest of eternity, like a musical take on The Exterminating Angel. It was also when I began to formulate my theory that Blegvad induces a sort of chaos in performance to bring something out, which I formalised seeing Slapp Happy a couple of years later.I went to the loo at one point and there were performers standing around in the foyer evidently unsure of what was happening. A lot of back catalogue was covered. Some people did their own material. Eddi Reader did Gold. Jakko Jaksyk played at a point where the stage was so full he had to stand behind the scenes and stick his head out through a curtain, or at least that’s how I remember it.

My memory is that it was strangely wonderful. The chances of our seeing its like again are very, very slim indeed.