long and talony

Up at 7:00, drink coffee and chat to Ellie, before she goes off to work on her web site. I hava a long practise session. However, it feels like my nails have grown a bit too long and talony – if they are too long, I can’t get the attack, they scrape n the strings and sort of trip over themselves. There is an ideal length, but they are either too long or too short. I ought to try to work a daily filing-and-shaping routine into my practice, but I ought to do lots of things and only do a few of them.
I go back to the organic food place for brunch, where I have the soup this time – mushroom soup. Very nice. Wander into town looking for nail file. Find FOPP records, where they do an excessively seductive line in £5.00 CDs. I buy Lodger by David Bowie, Tim Buckley‘s eponymous first album, Kind of Blue and Miles Smiles by Miles Davis, Aqualung by Jethro Tull, Strangers in the Night by UFO, Pawn Hearts by Van Der Graaf Generator and Bone Machine by Tom Waits. I also buy Amnesiac by Radiohead in it’s "collectable" hardback book edition. Collectable or not, it’s nice bit of packaging, well worth the extra couple of quid. AS you can see, despite my best efforts, my reseduction by Prog continues unabated.
I get back to Ellie’s flat, watch Ruzedski (continuing the tradition that the best Englishmen are foreigners) winning his match and have a bit of a lie down.
At 6:25 I set off for the café, getting there in plenty of time for a sandwich and a couple of cups of decaf cappucino (or decappucino as the woman calls them). Peter and his son Seami arrive just after seven, Pam soon after and a couple of others soon after that. So it’s going got be a nice quiet evening. This is only their second week back here, and their first back in the cellar.
The café used to be Common Grounds, and Holly Tomas and Peter used to run a lovely cosy Friday evening session here until it closed just over a year ago, when it shifted to Lianachan. The place has been bought up by a successful local musician and reopened. Peter is tonight’s featured act. Pam does a few songs, followed by some floorspots then peter, who does about half an hour. I’m on after Peter and I do Little Games, Mr Wrong. Then a woman called Claire does a couple of songs, Pam again, and then I go back and do (a special request for Seami) The Things You Get and Iodine. Chatting afterwards, it turns out that Claire knows Steve Chin. And therefore Caroline Kendall. And Ian Coles. Small world. I’m booked to do a featured act there on August 17th (and an afternoon slot at Whistle Binkies on the 16th). So I get to play during the Fringe after all. Hurrah.
I slip off back to Ellie’s for a chat and hot chocolate, and then creep off to bed (after midnight!)