Either is possible. Both are probable.

The latest sets of search terms from my referrer logs:

#reqs: search term
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5: john peacock
1: amanda holden car stuck
1: remixed hindi midi files
1: make spats
1: gif under construcktion
1: bonnington square community garden

"Make spats"?

Imagine the disappointment. Compounded now that I’ve repeated them here. More search terms as they occur.

In the evening to Shepherd’s Bush, the Bush Hall, for a Jeays gig.


I have blagged a lift with my Pa – a hell of a lot better than lugging my bass amp across town, I can tell you, and we overcompensate on the amount of time we need to get there and arrive very early, so I exploit the situation and check out Music and Video Exchange. Nothing. Either I’m becoming jaded in my old age, or there’s less interesting stuff out there, same as Gramex last Saturday. Either is possible. Both are probable.

Get to the Hall again at 6:00, and after a bit of a kerfuffle getting in (there are three doors and one buzzer. On ringing the buzzer, I’m told to "go to the other door", and choose the wrong one to be at), I am greeted by Robb Johnson and his sound fellow Simon. Set up the bass and guitar – the bass is going through the DI to he mixer and then back again to my amp for monitoring. The band arrive one by one – Phil, then Jezza and his drums, then Janet and we all anxiously await the arrival of Dave.

Into the back room, which is dominated by a big white curtain (apparantly the ladies’ changing area) and where I noodle on their classical guitar (part of the kids’ music room set up).

The hall is really nice – it has the air of somewhere that people would have gavotted, although perhaps it’s not that old, and has been done up recently. It has a very big acoustic, which would be superb for classical music, but does rendered amplified music a bit boomy.

Dave arrives and we soundcheck and then that’s that. More hanging about (there’s always this hanging about period betweent he soundcheck and the gig). Apparantly last night’s was really quiet, and people are a bit apprehensive about tonight. We get about twenty, which is a little too few for the hall, although the acoustic amplifies the applause wonderfully.

Barb is hosting and does some songs before the first main set (Leon Rosselson – venerable and legendary proponent of political song), then a break, then Barb again and Robb. Robb is doing more songs without the guitar, I notice (accompanied by The Lovely Russell Churney, which must be his official name now), and it does add another dimension to one’s ability to put a song across.

Then another break, then us.

Curious little things happen, like the DI box has somehow got disfunctional since the soundcheck, so during Olivier the bass is completely silent (I keep moving my fingers, though: hopefully people will assume that it’s their problem that the can’t hear anything) and quickly have to replug the bass straight into the amp while Phil and Janet are doing Voices which I still think is amazing. I think it goes quite well (it’s difficult to tell unless you are watching it), but at least a couple of us feel it’s a really wierd gig. I tell them about the Wee Fat Bob experience and the Unexpected Tabla Player. I’m used to wierdness, and it’s not entirely unwelcome sometimes.

Lift home. Very late. Very tired.