I am the caretaker for an incontinent flat

The tap-tap-tap wakes me up at six. My mood towards it is less conciliatory than it has been in the past. After all, until last night I was able to imagine that it was just a boiler that had to be fixed, whereas now it’s a mysterious curse.


I try modelling where the pipes might be in my head, but it doesn’t help. The problem was that the people who put it all together weren’t very good at it, particularly the plumbing.

The very early hours of the morning are traditionally a good time to consider the possibility that one might spend the rest of one’s life emptying buckets of water. I am no longer a homeowner, I am the caretaker for an incontinent flat.

I get up at 7:00 and do the sitting/picking things up and breakfast things, but realise by about 9:00 that I’m not feeling any better, indeed, I’m feeling worse, more washed out (moan moan, grumble grumble).

A lot of the day is spent in a state of semi-consciousness, and much of the rest of it is spent using the marvellous new IM feature on NotBBC. I was supposed to be working with Janet, her accordion and my songs this evening, but I call that off, partly because I wouldn’t have the energy to do it, partly because I don’t have the energy to clear a space to do it in.

I do achieve plugging the computer into itself and recording a marvellous version of Pictures at an Exhibition on two accordions (there is a CD, but being five years old it appears not to be available any more. I may be wrong), and a version of Winterreise by Jonathan Lemalu (not available on CD), both from Radio 3‘s Music On Demand of concerts from this year’s Edinburgh Festival.

I was chatting to Des about lieder at the Vortex on Tuesday, since it appears that he has also recently discovered it, and also due to the marvellous Ian Bostridge. In my semiconsciousness I muse on the relationship between lieder and jazz standards.

I’ll find that tap tap tap calming in the end, i’m sure I will.