I’m not altogether certain that anyone can hear me

After last night’s excursion into jazz I find it difficult to get out of bed, so no Sitting. This will cost me money from Saturday, so I need to work on it.

Today is further Pirate Pete. That’s all there is to it, really. Some guitar strings arrive in the post (I always seem to be getting guitar strings through the post), but I don’t do anything with them just yet. Um. That’s it.

In the evening I go back to the Three Stags for the singer-songwriter night. For a change I have taken the Epiphone, sticking it through my SansAmp acoustic DI. However I do the same old songs – Little Games, Mr Wrong, and Iodine. It’s quite noisy and I’m not altogether certain that anyone can hear me, although it feels OK. The semi-acoustic doesn’t give me very much physical feedback (as the classical or a steel-string acoustic would), and I’m not sure whether this is a problem – I’m getting the same syndrome with the Godin/VG88 combo. I wish I knew what it sounded like. Not that that matters really. I’d hoped I would be good, because I wanted to get a chance to play sets here from the landlady, but perhaps I’ll come in and talk to her when it’s quieter.

Some good acts coming in, only a couple of whom I’ve seen before and Ben, the chap who’s running it now, puts a lot of energy into running it. I stick around to the bitter end, but sneak out without talking to anybody.