Little did I suspect it might be Atlantis.

With a further broadening of the aquatic invasion of my bedroom, I rig up a new arrangement with a bin-bag. Like every child, I suppose after reading C.S. Lewis I thought it might be cool to find a fabled land at the back of my wardrobe. Little did I suspect it might be Atlantis.

Some parts of the day are given over to sleeping – you can always elude the world with unconsciousness, I find. Others are spent Pirate Pete-ing and sending the results over to Ben.

I eschew an invitation to a Greek restaurant (by later accounts this is a canny bit of eschewing) on the grounds that I’m in a bit of a bad mood, certainly enough to ensure that anyone in my company has as little fun as I’m determined to have. Instead I head off to Shinay because I can use a bit of calm abiding at the moment. Before I go I have to rudely brush Peter C off.

Returning somewhat calmer, the evening concludes without anything of any import to commend it.