where my toilet is

I leave a message with the managing agent re the excessive moistness. My latest thought is that perhaps I can call it a water feature, and write it off as feng shui. That said, any chi foolish enough to enter my house is left weeping and bleeding, cowering under a table. And according to a website I checked the other day, my “relationship corner” is where my toilet is. Don’t ask.

Other people I try to talk to about the leak are the Water company (who can only deal with things that are outside, although he does helpfully offer to have my neighbour’s supply cut off) and I toy with the idea of calling a plumber, although that might be a very expensive way of finding out that there’s nothing that a plumber can do under these specific circumstances.

More Pirate Pete, more sleeping, nothing else of any use. I call Peter C in the evening to apologise for cutting him off yesterday and to suggest that he come over to record vocals at the weekend. Then I copy some tracks over from Cubase to Logic, where they sound much better.