I’ll probably find my wardrobe filled with cheese.

I’m beginning to feel a bit proprietorial about the water-directing setup, checking it for leaks and making sure that the pan underneath it doesn’t need emptying. It’s becoming a hobby for me. No doubt there’s a magazine for people like me – Drip Manager’s Gazette.

The agent for the freeholder called back and asked me waht the problem was. Then he spoke to the woman who lives in the flat upstairs (that is to say that I had a telephone conversation with a man on the other side of the City who then put the phone down and spoke to someone about twelve feet above my head telling her to speak to the man she’s renting the flat from and get him to send someone round to fix the pipes. Given that his command of English is good but not perfect (he is Indian) and hers is passable but not good (she is Peruvian) and I know nothing of the languages spoken by the rentor or the handyman. It’s anybody’s guess how this particular chain of Chinese Whispers will end. I’ll probably find my wardrobe filled with cheese.

When he finished talking to her, he called me back with what they’d said. With a couple of broom handles and a command of morse code we could have communicated directly and cut out the middle man.

I bought a bit of software over the internet. It’s scary that way – you can spend an awful lot of money before you realise what you’ve done, but I think that this one – FontLab will pay for itself quite quickly. It’s a lot more whistles-and-bellsy than what I have been using (Fontographer, which hasn’t really been upgraded for about ten years, which is actually a point in its favour). What I actually want to do (multiple printer font fonts) is actually only achievable by writing special postscript code into the screen font, and these days not even that a lot of the time (Adobe got sniffy about it). The pioneers in such stuff are LettError, who have come up with an Applescript Hack that I might twist for my own nefarious purposes.

For some reason, in addition to actual shopping, I return from the supermarket with a bumper pack of bags of crisps and a family-sized bar of chocolate. That is to say a bar of chocolate the size of a family. And not a nuclear family, either. No.

Since Joan has had to postpone the rehearsal ’til tomorrow (Matt got delayed twelve hours in Moscow in a stopover on his way back from a tour of China. Yes, that’s what I thought) I go over to Shinay, but find myself falling asleep all the way through it. Not constructive. I won’t get enlightened that way, and if I fall ever in the middle of a session I might be expelled for causing a distubance. No one’s ever been thrown out of Buddhism before.

Shift some things around desultorily – I’ll have to clear a lot of space before Peter comes over on Sunday, but may not succeed. Tomorrow AAD starts.