I, of course, put it down to Supernatural Forces.

After sitting, I lie down on the floor and sleep for another two and a half hours. God. What that means, I don’t know. Possibly Sleeping Sickness, but that would mean that a Tsetse fly had somehow made its way over from Africa (perhaps as a tourist). Anyway I don’t have swollen Lymph Nodes. Whatever they are.

I’m woken by someone enquiring after an … um … enquiry they made a while ago during Maisy Frenzy that got mislaid in the flu. I apologise deeply and reply to their email, and then set to finishing the first tranche of Pirate Pete.

I need to go to a Joan Rehearsal in the afternoon. I’m slightly wary of this, having made such a dog’s dinner of the performance on Monday, and I’m also annoyed that I end up getting there ten minutes late as I’d promised myself I’d be early. When the rehearsals started it only took half an hour to get there, but it’s creeping on towards an hour now. Perhaps that says something about the Underground system and how it functions at particular times of the day. I, of course, put it down to Supernatural Forces.

It’s a very productive rehearsal, though – we manage to hammer out arrangements for four or five songs; I have to come up with a couple of incisive patches as homework (and I also want to find something mad for the instrumental section of Give It All Away), and I leave feeling quite buoyed by the experience. Joan’s off to Nepal next week for the High Altitude Gig and more stuff after that.

Back home I finish the PP stuff. One of the CD players has developed an appalling skip – it will jump back thirty seconds or so and if I’m listening to something I really enjoy I realise that I’m starting to hate it. So I have to retrieve CDs from one player and put them in another. Today I’ve been mostly listening to Sound Dust by Stereolab and Poses by Rufus Wainwright, the latter I’m just getting, if you see what I mean. This morning I listened to Regeneration by Divine Comedy, which took me a while to get as well.

Practise (some more fluency in the right hand, generally more constructive than the last couple of days, must break stuff down further, get into the detail), then run through some unfinished songs to see if it might be possible to finish them (inspired, I suppose, by virtually working out a new set with Joan this afternoon). Then bed.