now with added suppuration

As yesterday, really. Without an outing but now with added suppuration. Mmm. I’m sure you’re very curious about that now. So a lot of the day is spent asleep, and the rest is spent… as good as asleep.

I can leave fingermarks in my shin, that sort of stay there for a while, as in fresh dough. Knew you’d like that.

Despite my pessimistic nature, I’m only beginning to accept my illness on a sort of rolling basis – today I’m ill, but tomorrow I’ll be miraculously better. I’m just beginning to suspect that this is not the case and that tomorrow not only will I still be ill, but that I’ll be too ill to do the Jeays gig.

Either the leg is improving, though, or I’m learning to deal with it swiftly, chucking my self down the ladder before the calf muscles have a chance to complain.