rolling up my left trouser leg Freemason – stylee

Today I have to go back into Walker’s during the day, Photoshopping and barking gruffly at people. When people ask me what’s supposed to be wrong with me I’ve got into the habit of rolling up my left trouser leg Freemason-stylee and showing them the still red and swollen leg and pointing out the blisters on the back of my calf. Actions speak louder… It makes a nice change to have an ailment that one can actually show people, although the problem isn’t so much the leg as the immune system’s reaction to it.

In the evening there’s a sextet rehearsal at the Three Stags. We’ll be playing downstairs in the bar next Thursday (the 7th of November). I must alert people to the opportunity they’ll have to come and point and laugh at me (possibly executing my party trick of jabbing at the top end of the fretboard looking for possible notes).

I’m still not fit, but I struggle there with the gear, up the stairs, through the rehearsal, down the stairs and home again, so I suppose I can chalk that up under “things achieved”.