Quite big feet actually

The day is spent slowly trying to catch up with work, mainly working on the job I picked up last Monday – I’ve already sketched out the type and the logo, but today I needed to work on graphics, which is always interesting. I hope they work.

More apologising to people because of the Being Laid Low, and an unexpected outburst on the subject of Fame Academy.

In the evening to the Jazz Jam. With the ringer bass player turning up every week, I’m playing less bass and taking the Steinberger along with me, but that’s not really satisfactory either. The guitar playing is terrible, or at least I think so, but at least it keeps me occupied. Then if I stand up for myself it turns out to be a Herbie Hancock funky tune with unexpected fiddly bits along with acres of one chord. I tend to be left with the ones that are obscure or that Rolan Perrin has transposed in his head (and he has to shout out the chords to me) such as Cry Me A River.

Sorry to whine on a bit, but I’m annoyed by it. Mainly I’m annoyed by what I see as the Moral Flow Chart. For example:

  1. If I don’t say anything, then I have to drag the bass amp along and not play through it all night.
  2. If I do say something it will be in such a way that I maximise my reputation as an Arrogant Bastard
  3. And then I’ll be required to play something, and I’ll play it very badly
  4. Grr.

Essentially, what I’m saying (apart from the fact that it’s not fair, it’s not it’s not it’s not and now I’m going to go to my bedroom and cry a lot and stamp my little feet. Quite big feet actually) is that whatever decision I make will be the Wrong One, and I’m doomed either way. Doomed, I tell you.