informal to the point of paramilitary action

Not one of the high points of my life, achievement-wise – when I went to bed last night, on top of the moaning and grumbling and (for completeness’ sake) whining, the leg (remember the leg?) has decided that it’s going to go all itchy in what I hope is the terminal state of its unwellness and consequently I found it difficult to get to sleep, with the knock-on effect that I found it difficult to get up and later on I had to go and lie down again when it became clear that I was about to slump over in my seat and get a face-full of computer keyboard. Probably not good for the keyboard (it could only improve the face). Other than that they early part of the day was spent dealing with the important task of staring at the monitor and saying “muh”.

Some research into getting a ticket to Spain for guitar craft, which left me (as research often does) considerably more confused than I was previously, but convinced that the next time I need to travel any distance at all I’ll do it by one of the low cost airlines: the tickets can be cheaper and, frankly, they’d have to treat their passengers very badly indeed to match the Torquemardian treatment that’s usually offered by the railways. And the journeys are technically much shorter. And if one ends up in a position to stare out of the window at Doncaster rail yards for an hour and a half, things have gone so badly wrong that that would be the least of one’s problems.

Still one thing got approved to such an extent that the client asked me not to change it, even when I offered to, which may be a first not just for me but in all of space-time.

Other little bits and pieces achieved, but nothing meaty.

Outside all evening there are the sounds of large and small explosions. My reaction is as it always is “I might as well be in America”. Make of that what you will, it’s my unconscious that comes up with these things but I have little or no control over it. When I pop out for chocolate later on the smell of gunpowder hangs in the air. I suppose I should have investigated further (I do quite like fireworks), but this being South London some of the displays could have been informal to the point of paramilitary action.

Tinkering with the other website I see what it looks like without the style sheet. I’ll have to do something about that.