I am certainly not worth my salt

The leak is back – it had all cleared up, the carpet had dried out, all was nearly back to normal, whatever that might be, and last night I was woken up by a revived and enthusiastic drip-drip-drip in the bucket which I hadn’t moved, largely because I didn’t believe that it was really fixed. Looks like I was right.

In the morning I’m woken up by the drip again, this time from the now-overflowing bucket. Joy.

I spend most of the day working. Work is like pain in that it’s not until one is experiencing it that one realises how overwhelming and long-lasting it is – a job that I think will take me until half-past four lasts until well after nine o’clock. Consequently there’s not much to say about today. I do finish the work, though. Part of it involves me trying to draw three arrows sticking out of the background. I spend a lot of time looking for downloadable 3d models of arrows to no avail – presumably any 3d modeller worth his salt would consider it to be too easy and beneath him, and I am certainly not worth my salt. After all that looking I simply draw them. I needed to go through the intervening search period before I was able to do the drawing, though. Quite an effective trompe l’oiel, though.