I’m really not good at being assertive.

The infernal drip keeps me very awake very late, so I don’t leap bright and cheery from my bed at 7:00 as intended. Rather I crawl unwillingly down the ladder at 9:30. Grr.

The day is spent catching up with work again – today I have mostly been doing typefaces and finishing the Panto CD cover, which is now officially signed off and will be picked tomorrow. Hurrah.

In the evening to the Jazz Jam, where I finally pluck up the courage to tell the ringer bass player that he can only do a couple of tunes. He is not pleased about this, and spends some time arguing with me and with Glyn. He will be even less happy when he finds out that I have to be in Camden with Joan Coffey next week. Apparantly we should be grateful to him for turning up at all, but we’re not, wretches that we be. I don’t mind the idea of someone coming in and doing a couple of tunes, but someone who wanders in, cherry-picks the best tunes for himself as his right, spends ages changing all the settings on my amplifier and leaving me to play anything that might be difficult or boring to play, that’s not on.

I may have overstepped the line into sternness or aggressiveness. I’m really not good at being assertive.

Despite all that, or perhaps because of it, the jam’s a lot of fun this week. We’ll just have to see what happens in a couple of weeks.