Which would make a fellow nervous.

In the morning I do more colouring in (sorry, a lot of my life will amount to that at the moment), though having successfully dragged myself from my bed early to do it.

In the afternoon I trek across town to a Joan Coffey rehearsal prior to our appearance at the Purple Turtle next Monday. When I get to the tube station I find that it will be closing at 6:00 on account of the firemen’s strike (as will all stations with lifts rather than escalators which also includes my destination at Holloway Road). The rehearsal goes quite well, me trying to dredge up the arrangements for the “new” songs from my memories of them several weeks ago, before Joanie went and played up a Himalaya. In a further Far East connection, Matt the drummer will be going back to China with his band Glitterbug where they will be playing liveon a big Chinese TV show, consequently they have a potential audience of a sizeable chunk of the world’s population. Which would make a fellow nervous.

Getting back is more tricky than getting there – David gives us a lift to Arsenal station (getting everybody and their gear in his car is an achievement in itself), and the train, when it arrives, is completely packed (the Underground seem to have taken it upon themselves to run fewer trains to heighten our travel experience). I change at Leicester Square and get off at Waterloo, feeling slightly squashed by the whole experience.

The rest of the evening is spent colouring in as well.