good old bewilderment

Today is another colouring in (and related design-type-activities) day, juggling several batches of work so that if anyone should call up at any time I can provide them with something. I certainly don’t feel as well-disposed to primary colours as I have done.

On the whole, the day could fairly be described as one of Multitasking which for those of us not quite so up on our Managerspeak is simply good old bewilderment having to drop one thing to get another thing ready, then going on to a third thing and then back to the first. Could be a bit exciting. Maybe. Or maybe not.

In the evening there’s another rehearsal at the Three Stags. They’ve moved all the ond furniture up there, so we are surrounded by empty chairs and tables, although some of Colin’s friends come up to watch us and numerous photographs are taken. On the whole, although I don’t play as well as I might, I find the rehearsal quite envigorating. Launching into solos that a generous person might consider a tad experimental, admittedly, but envigorating nonetheless.

Maria agrees to do the bass for the jam on Monday and John will go down and play with the House band too. I think it’s a shame that I’m going to miss it, although obviously the reason it’s happening like that is because I am.