essentially the same thing for a long time

I wake up a bit late, still bewildered by the Grand Cardiacs Event. I decide in the morning that it will be a Day of Work, and indeed set off in that direction, but get a call from Glyn asking if I’ll be available to do some bass stuff in the afternoon, and of course I say yes.

It’s upstairs at the Three Stags (everything seems to be there at the moment), and transpires to be an informal workshop (I ask what exactly it was that I just did when it was over) led by some chap from Morley (I think). The tune we’re studying is a bossa nova, with a bass part which is essentially the same thing for a long time which then changes very suddenly to something else, which makes me slightly nervous. The chap has a tendency to explain things in such a way that they become less comprehensible rather than more – I know what he’s talking about and I’m confused listening to him. Another problem is that he’s talking about prescription (These are the scales you can play over the chord) rather than suggestion (You can play anything over anything, it’s just that a lot of it sounds horrible), and I tend to the suggestion end of the scale. I do feel a bit negative, I suppose, but I think I’m just worrying about the work I need to do.

I suppose if I have a better way to teach anything I ought to say what it is rather than moaning about other people’s work. I have this odd tendency when I’ve been in the company of any educational process to be de-educated, to end up knowing less, feeling less worthy to play, as though the teachers weren’t improving our own standing but reinforcing their own status. I realise that that’s just paranoia, though. I so wonder how this might all be taught to my satisfaction, though, so that’s possibly a useful thing.

Afterwards I return home and get on with that work, which takes me all the way to bedtime.