harm will always find a way

It feels like a home stretch, but it could just be a long straight stretch of road, and that chap with the chequered flag could be there coincidentally.

(Apologies if I’ve completely misunderstood the practicalities and traditions of motor racing. No, honestly.)

It takes all morning (and I thought that I’d be able to deliver it by 10:00) but I get a disk to Ben in the afternoon for Pirate Pete, with which he immediately notices enough problems that I have to go home and email in another set of pictures. But still…

It’s nice to go in and see people for a change (and, yes I know, it was only a short amount of time ago that I was there all the time, and in another short amount of time I’ll be there all the time again), and we also talked through another couple of jobs. So that helped.

Getting home I do the corrections and email them over, Practise, and address the problem of making web forms for Phil to input his own data into his website. Also I finally send out invoices for a lot of jobs – I keep forgetting to do that and then wondering why I don’t have any money.

I order a guitar case from a wesite, to keep the Godin from harm, hopefully. That said, harm will always find a way. The only sure way to protect it from damage is to encase it in perspex which is unlikely to improve its playability.