which sounds rather profligate and, I suppose, is

Today I set to the corrections to the other job that I’m doing for Walker. However soon after opening time there, Claire calls me with problems with the spreads I emailed over last night so I have to repackage and resend them (my mistake? To use “Save For Web” with CMYK images, since that command converts everything to 72dpi RGB images. Which any fule kno, of course, and I bet you’re wondering how I could have been so incompetent). So that done and back to the corrections.

There’s an email from the people I ordered the guitar case from – the company don’t make them any more, but they can supply a slightly different order for the same price. Not surprising, really, since the price of the substitute is four pounds less. I make some joking reference to this in the email I send cancelling my order and immediately feel guilty.

Tyrannical Tim calls up asking for a cover I did the other day, so I take it as an excuse to do something else for a while and deliver it by hand, then scoot off to Denmark Street. I pootle around looking at guitar cases and then think to ask about the Tech21 Power Engine 60, which might be a useful addition to the VG88 (essentially it’s just the make-it-louder bit of an amplifier without the preamp that colours the sound), and they happen to have one. I spend a few minutes testing it and then buy it anyway, which sounds rather profligate and, I suppose, is. Still, although it won’t have the sound of the Trace I’m using at the moment it will, at least, be carryable to and from rehearsals and gigs.

I also get a sort of semi-hard guitar case, which is essentially some expanded polystyrene packaging in a bag. It won’t protect the guitar from (for example) a bus or rampaging rhinoceros, but will, hopefully, keep it from dings on the underground and is quite cheap and mercifully light.

Looking forward to the next Purple Turtle gig when I get to confuse the sound man all over again. Hurrah.

Getting home, John calls to call off the sextet rehearsal so I spend the evening doing more of those corrections, playing some Bach Cello music on the Guitar Craft guitar, failing to do those Jeays forms again and… stuff. It feels like “free” time, in the same way that if you found a hundred pounds down the back of the sofa it would be “free” money and you’d have every moral right to spend it all on chocolate, no matter what the state of your finances.