Apart from edging slowly away.

Much of the day is spent watching another Seinfeld video. Perhaps it’s possible to tell a lot about someone from what television programme they stare at for hour upon hour. What does one make of the Buffy obsessive or the Whovian (as I believe they are known).

What, most relevantly, is the correct reaction to the Seinfeld obsessive? Apart from edging slowly away.

This tape contained the final season of Seinfeld and I must admit that there didn’t seem to be too much of a diminution of quality, certainly relative to other things from U.S. television. The finale was a particular high point. Perhaps there was a certain sheen of facility, a formula that wasn’t there to the same extent earlier in the series (compare The Finale to The Pilot for example, but the scripts are still sharp and many of the performances wonderful.

I find an episode guide which is very useful, though I should mention there are many many others. It’s possible they just copy all the information from each other. I haven’t given it that much thought. Now I have to make a list of all the episodes I don’t have yet. No, really, I must. I also ought to label all these videos. I have no idea how I’m going to find any of them again.

I also, for reasons unfathomable, find a site dedicated to the band Kissing the Pink and for the hell of it follow that up with finding a Young Marble Giants site.

To bed too late, for no good reason.