running, as it were, on vapour

Back into Walker during the day.

In the evening there is a rehearsal of the sextet at the Three Stags. Although tonight it’s just a trio – John and Maria and myself. We go through some standards and also a couple of my tunes (Little Games and a go at Mr Wrong). As usual in these circumstances I realise how much more complicated they are than I imagine – a lot of Mr Wrong pootles along in 12 bar blues mode, then goes all bonkers at the end of the chorus, or refrain or whatever it is.

I take along the Power Engine and use a SansAmp acoustic DI, which makes for a perfectly pleasant noise, though not as good as the Trace. Much lighter to carry, though, which is a boon.

Most of my actual playing is terrible. Since I spent most of my down-time recently unconscious and fighting off the infection I didn’t have much of a chance to stock up on technique (I find that I do an awful lot of practise, then the improved technique sort of dwindles away and I’m running, as it were, on vapour at the moment). Still, getting out to these practises and the Monday jam help a lot.

I promise to deliver a CD of the songs and some songsheets, but I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to do them. Apart from work I have some important dithering to do.