gun smoking, triumphant, just before bedtime

The day could have been spent doing all sorts of things, but with work to do I have to circle it surreptitiously before finally pinning it down. The image here is that of an inept big game hunter tracking down a cow. So that there is not too much confusion it takes me the rest of the day to hunt this particular cow, and I stand with one foot on its corpse, gun smoking, triumphant, just before bedtime.

Another triumph for the day is a visit to the gym. Today, in a twist to the usual stress, there is a film crew in. In the weights room. Filming something. Or other. It means that all the radio and MTV is turned off. So thank you, film crew.

Thankfully the Hot Room is fully functioning, so I manage to get properly-clean-that-a-mere-bath-will-not-provide for the first time in a few weeks.

Uh, anything else? Just circling the various tasks, taking aim, squeezing the trigger and causing a flag with the word “bang” emblazoned on it to come flying out of the end of the barrel.