You can’t lose with an all-booze policy

Back to Walker, staying a bit later to try to get everything finished, which delays my arrival at the Jam.

It’s very pleasant this week – the double bassist comes back to play on his one blues, though he’s proficient enough to do any of the others. The ringer comes back and does a few (as usual evading anything that he doesn’t like or that might be tricky such as Albert’s forays into irregular time signatures), but I claim the last fifteen minutes for myself and that seems to stand. A very pleasant evening overall. Hurrah.

Afterwards, and feeling like some kind of snack, I pop down to the shop. The off license has converted itself into another convenience store. I have a horrible feeling it’s doomed, with the all-conquering juggernaut of the Cost Cutter (or whatever slightly mendacious name it has) on the corner. It’s seen off a couple of minor competitors so far. I don’t know why they didn’t stick with the all-booze policy. You can’t lose with an all-booze policy, at least in South London and a with students’ hall of residence just up the road.