Well, I think it’s funny.

Not a day of great achievement. Well, actually I make a start on the actual Cultural Amnesia site (rather than the one I’ve been threatening to do for a few years and never quite getting round to) but it’s all web forms at the moment and nothing to see.

And in the afternoon I pass out for a bit, which will no doubt cause more difficulty for my sleep patterns. But wotthehell as a mouse once said.

Incidentally: What should you do with a dead mouse? Put it in a mouseoleum.

Well, I think it’s funny.

When I do drag myself back to consciousness I watch Spider-man and Gosford Park both of which are superb in their own ways, both proof of fine directors who’ve had bad patches (Raimi and Altman) and both, curiously, concerned with class. This isn’t really a surprise with Gosford Park but interesting in the case of Spider-man. They managed to catch the feeling of the original, which isn’t unimpressive considering that it’s a forty year old comic book. Gosford Park is so good that I find myself gleefully muttering “Wow!” during particularly good bits.

I’m sure I’ll watch it again.