civil servant speak for “no”

Another day at the Maisy mines. Consequently…

I fail to get to shinay, although I’d have liked to and they’ll be closing for Christmas (I don’t think it’s Christmas per se, I think it’s just a convenient excuse for them to go to Scotland and sit still for a while).

I do give it serious consideration, though. Actually, I do, even though “I’ll give it serious consideration” is civil servant speak for “no”.

Instead I return to the extras on the films I watched last night and have a go with the Godin and VG88, because I don’t play them nearly enough. I manage to miss almost all the karaoke, which is nearly finished, thank goodness. I expect they’re grateful, because they must be running out of popular songs to cover. It’s the cultural equivalent of one of those Top of the Pops albums from the early 70s.

HIGNFY has Liza Tarbuck as the host. I’ve not seen her “perform” before (not a Big Breakfast sort of person) and I thought she was rather good, though it’s not such a tightly held opinion that I would defend it against someone who was firmly opposed to it.

Not one of the best Laters ever. The world music band was pretty good, though.