Not with my legs.

The early part of the day is spent bumbling and playing the Godin. Then I go to the gym. There is not film crew this week, so I have to watch MTV or equivalent. I don’t notice anything especially offensive, so perhaps I’m becoming immune. Or unobservant.

Afterwards I stroll up to the Shakespeare’s Head for the NotBBC meetup. (Sorry the photos are so blurry. Of course if I was Rob and doing it properly I’d use a flash, but I can’t be dealing with starting to do things properly at my time of life. Not with my legs. Or without them, for that matter). I put my real name on the badge this time, which unnerves some people, I think. Posters to message boards all have assumed names, like superheroes or wanted criminals (delete as applicable). Some people have assumed names that are simultaneously their real names. Some people use the assumed names as an opportunity to discover their real names. As usual, Radiator Head Child appears, bearing luminous pink biscuits and potential violence. There is much discussion of comedy – I get to air my theory of Hancock’s Half Hour as proto-Seinfeld, and talk about the growth of the Factory Built Generic Standup and tell my dead mouse joke. This time I stay very late (by my standards) until there’s me, Lord Lopper, Dandy and Radiator Head Child left, a process that allows me to discover exactly how much grapefruit juice and soda is too much.

And then I stroll home again.