I expect I missed a lot.

My rejection of the Judeao-Christian tradition means that I cannot claim Sunday as a day of rest and so have to work. Still, I can have a lie-in when there isn’t any work. So various bits get dispatched to a background of the recent version of Planet of the Apes. Not so much a remake as an attempt to cash in on a lazy zeitgeist signifier (like Charlie’s Angels or Lost in Space – perhaps the cinematic equivalent of Karaoke Kulture.

It’s not really a good film (it does at least move more snappily than the 1968 one, which probably wouldn’t stand up to the same scrutiny we give to new movies), but it does have some good bits – the make-up is often terrific, though the CGI of mouths is sometimes a bit obvious. Lots of the movement is wonderful, too, and bits of the acting. Although Tim Roth seems to be on the verge of explosion throughout. I’m surprised they didn’t give him a moustache to twirl, but I suppose that wouldn’t be simian. Helena Bonham Carter manages to catch the subtleties in the break between the cartoon aspects (the nature of the make-up, particularly the original John Chambers make-up of the 60s and 70s, meant that the actors had to do most of the acting with their eyes. Ms Carter gets to use her mouth. As it were) and the person. It’s a shame the good elements couldn’t exist in a much better movie, though. That would be nice.

The accounts are true: The ending makes no sense whatsoever. Even the commentary is no help. Tim Burton: “I like to do things”. Good, Tim, good.

Obviously, this refers to all the bits I saw when I looked up from the work. I expect I missed a lot.

In the evening there’s a rehearsal at the Three Stags. This was originally supposed to be a gig, but John called that off last week and anyway the same band who were playing the last time we had a gig were there. I imagine that this is an opportunity to swap back real books with the bass player, but by the time I get myself organised they’ve gone home. It’s dead down there.

We mostly cover new stuff, and I’ve taken the VG88, which means that I’m constantly groping for appropriate patches. I try out a couple of synth-like ones, but if I’m going to continue using it for this gig will have to write a bunch of proper patches. They seem to like it, though, so I suppose it’s in.