I do enjjoy these little rocky moments.

After dragging myself with increasing reluctance (that is to say increasing day-by-day) from my bed, I continue the dragging all the way to Walkers. I was dragging anyway, I thought I might as well get my money’s worth.

I get back in the afternoon and start to prepare for tonight’s gig with Joanie at the Purple Turtle. I don’t need to leave until 8:30 at the latest, which is what I do, getting there at around nine.

On arrival I speak to Matt who says we’re due on at 10:30. Previous estimates have generally been an hour to an hour and a half out, so my guess is we’re on at midnight.

Not so far out as it turns out – that’s when we finish. The evening goes quite slowly, perched up in our traditional eyrie. The evening has quite a slow rhythm – occasional acts widely interspersed with drip-hoppish stuff in between. It’s what they intend, but doesn’t really do it for me (that’s my personal opinion, not intended as being too critical, particularly as a guest of a guest).

The set itself, though, is fun. Some people who saw my first, disastrous, PT appearance a few months ago got to see this one, which was nice, since I played most of the right notes and the guitar didn’t go hideously out of tune on me. I did make a lot of teeny mistakes and there was the bit at the beginning of Drunken Song where an indecipherable noise came out of the amplifier (but the amplifier is a terrific addition – at last I can hear the sound I’m making rather than some acidic imitation). Good gig, though. I do enjjoy these little rocky moments.

Very late getting back. But then you guessed that, didn’t you.