Satan may well be satisfied

The morning is spent… no, the morning is squandered… Oh, I must have done something, but I can’t remember what, exactly. Staring into space probably.

In the afternoon I sneak into Walker’s to finish off the job I’ve been working on. And in the evening I try to configure PHP, MySQL and Apache on the iBook.

This is a stunningly complex procedure, that involves typing complex commands (that I realise only as I write this I take completely on trust, so I could be erasing something or signing my hard disk over to Satan for all I know). I have no success whatsoever, at least in so far as getting the software to work is concerned. Satan may well be satisfied with his new hard disk. I don’t know.

Another thing that has taken a leap into the incomprehesible is getting the computers to talk to each other. Apple started out by making this very easy, when it was hell to do it with other computers (alright, probably not Amigas, but Amiga is spanish for Girlfriend. Don’t you think that’s a little strange?) and now they’ve reacted by simultaneously making the networking capabilities invcredibly powerful and very difficult to get working. Unless you’re good at TCP/IP and Unix.

Oh, god, I don’t have to learn Unix, do I?