I’m not surrounded by armed police

Today is the day of the Walker Christmas Lunch. I decide to give the speech a miss this year – last year it felt a bit intrusive to be there. It’s fun, as ne might hope from a party. The Entertainment is Arthur Smith, who appears to have bought himself some trendy glasses, which don’t look right, somehow. It’s nice to see everybody, looking festive and drunk.

I go over to Pa’s to check that everythings alright while he’s away. It was until I get there, but I’ve forgotten the combination to the burglar alarm, so bells are going off and everything. It all gets sorted out – I’m not surrounded by armed police, but it seems to be going that way for a while. I am surrounded by neighbours, who help me get the thing turned off. When I do get it turned off and go inside, I watch the first hour or so of Harry Potter, until I’ve built up such a level of hate that I’m afraid I’ll burst. I check out what’s available on cable TV, the usual Friday things and then walk home.