which could be a bit of a fiddle

Today’s achievement is comping final vocals together for Peter Cadle. He comes over at 2:00, but has to go home to collect his back-ups when I can’t find a crucial CD. It’s a bit crap, really – I have hundreds of CDs dotted all over the place. I’m sure that the one I need will turn up, especially now I don’t need it any more. On top of that, the computer plays up, which is also irritating. By half past seven, we have a set of vocals that he’s pleased with. Now I have to mix them, which could be a bit of a fiddle. We’ve been at it for three years now – Pink Floyd-esque schedules – so it’s nice to see that it’s nearly finished.

After that, I set to trying to finish the accounts – I’ll deliver them tomorrow – but keep finding things that I ought to add in. Also, I’m wrestling with a mildly recalcitrant Excel. Behind me the television acts out what must be the post-shark-jump X-Files and a round-table discussion thing on Channel 5, a bit like a snappier After Dark. It’s wierd (or conversely predictable) that the most diverting programme I’ve seen since being sucked back into television watching (indeed, one of the few that treats its viewers as grown-ups) is on Channel 5.