Hopefully very few of those things will involve psychological or physical pain.

In the middle of the day is a Jeays rehearsal, to which I take the Godin/VG88/Power Engine combination on the train. Very portable.

On leaving the building I find that there’s an industrial extending-arm-person-lifting-thing which someone is using to clear the gutters (I wonder how much that will cost me?). The workmen have put traffic cones (borrowed from the pukka roadworks) to stop people from walking under the arm. However, I’m automatically within the cursed circle. I don’t know what to do, but decide, bloodymindedly, to walk through the middle of it. Luckily I’m not hit by any falling objects.

Getting out of the centre of London, there’s a light smattering of snow all over, which the Evening Standard appears to be referring to as London Snow Chaos, although it doesn’t take very much snow to induce chaos. We’re not used to it.

The rehearsal involves a bunch of new songs, which I’m inclined to put wierd VG88 sounds onto. Not sure whether this is a good thing or not. Phil is deep into planning the next album, which is good.

I dedicate the rest of the day to less than I ought to have done. Ah, well.

There’s an offer of a gig from Robb Johnson in my email inbox, which is nice. It’s curious to see the previously pristine 2003 fill up with things. Hopefully very few of those things will involve psychological or physical pain. It worries me that I can’t find my PDA to enumerate those things on.

I add Stumble Upon to my browser, which takes me to many and varied sites and numerous URL Not Found notices. It’s a nice tool, but I’ll have to see whether it adds long-term buggeration to my web-surfing experience.