a job that no one wants me to do

Day two of the snow situation and the honeymoon is over: the snow has hardened and become a liability rather than wonderlandness (not that I bought into the wonderlandness in the first place).

Worth remembering if I ever have need of an example of The Impermanance of Everything, not that I ever will, but it’s best to be prepared.

Back to Walkers, where I discover towards the end of the day that I misunderstood the brief yesterday and so have done the wrong job, moreover a job that no one wants me to do. I start again.

In the evening there’s a rehearsal of the sextet (or quartet as it is tonight). I think my playing is rubbish and I’m very unsure of the Godin/VG combo for this application (although the others seem to like it). many wrong notes make themselves available to my stumbling fingers. There is a notion to play in public the Sunday after next. We’ll see.