abandoning the quest for world peace for the day

The thing with January, or at least the thing with this January, is that I’m disinclined to do anything at all (except, possibly, the occasional shiver), a disinclination that extends to refusing to go to the gym (however much my burgeoning circumference suggests that I ought), spurning tidying up (although I do locate my PDA, pretty much where I thought it would be but was unable to find it before) and abandoning the quest for world peace for the day at least, which I hope you’ll find to be at least mildly understandable.

I watch most of Season Four of Seinfeld, from The Pitch to halfway through The Contest where the tape runs out and I go to bed. As I have mentioned ad nauseam I love the mechanics of this series and this season is my favourite (should I get the opportunity to watch it all the way through. That would take about eight hours, though. Even I might find it difficult to cultivate that level of torpor.