Hinder seems to be the way of the world.

I get up at noon. This is a new low, at least for the last couple of years, drifting back towards sleeping patterns more appropriate for night shift workers. Pah.

Some drifting is done, and no exercise is taken (and what kind of life is it if the account I give of it is essentially a list of things I have not done. I didn’t receive a phone call from the UN asking me to sort out the difficult situation in the middle east, come to that).

During the afternoon I’m very aware of the fact that I’ll have to leave to go to Joan’s for a run-through of new stuff, but when it comes to it I find that I leave the flat at about the time I ought to have got there. This is because the cold that lurks outside my living-rrom door causes the bit of my brain that covers Moral Fortitude and Resolve to shut down altogether. I’ll have to work on that. It’s not British.

I do get there, finally, and we go through a cover and three or four new originals, one of which demands that mandolin patch I wrote a few weeks ago and me attempting to do harmony vocals. This is bizarrely like trying to pat my head and rub my stomach (figuratively speaking – I’m sure that Joan wouldn’t be pleased if I added a patting/rubbing combo to the act in preference to the more usual playing the guitar. Interpretative dancing is all very well, but Stacia I’m not. Nor do I pretend to be), and I find myself completely incapable of identifying the notes I have to sing. It’s a whole other thing, this harmony singing. Or in my case cacaphony singing.

Goes quite well, though, I think.

So that people are up to date, re the leak: It is still in evidence, but when the ceiling came down on Christmas Eve, all the water now drips straight into the plastic bag arrangement that I’ve set up and from there into the funnel. So my wardrobe is no longer full of water (which just makes room for the mould, I suppose), and the water is being delivered into the sink. It is not, however, an ideal situation. I have to be a bit tough with the Freeholder’s Agent (re that bill for construction work). That will either help or hinder this situation. Hinder, probably. Hinder seems to be the way of the world.