Oh, hell, it’s all a bit scary, let’s be honest.

Walker in the morning, and in the afternoon I come back and do bits of work and prepare for the Jeays gig in the evening. Then I make my way over there.

It’s back at the Battersea Barge, and I manage to get there early this time, arriving at about the same time as Jezzer. We set up – I’ve brought the Godin/VG combination tonight, which I’m hoping will work. There is some kerfuffle with leads – the sound chap is doubling as the chef, or possibly vice versa, and when Phil plugs his mighty axe in I have to ditch the bass and use the bass patches on the VG. Which is potentially a bit scary. And I’m never sure about the right patches to use for the different numbers, whether the acoustic sounds will work, which is also scary. Oh, hell, it’s all a bit scary, let’s be honest. That is, in some ways, the point.

I’m on, first, though, doing my tunes. I do the gimmick version of River Rise, which is fun, but I’ve got the guitar turned up a bit loud. Somewhat distracting.

(Polling select audience members later on suggests that this didn’t cause a problem or that they were all too polite or tactful to say anything. To be honest, either way is fine with me.)

Geoff follows, and then, after a break, the Jeays Phenomenon. Almost all new material tonight, which is good, obviously, in one way, but on the other hand means that very little of it can be done on autopilot. Not that I’m suggesting that I ought to do it on autopilot, but… oh, you know.

Anyway, small, cosy, nice audience, nice night. I like the new one that Phil did solo. Late getting home, but then you guessed that.