that person is without doubt not me

I wake up with pain in my gum, so perhaps that’s the unpleasantness I’ll carry with me to Guitar Craft. It certainly seems that GC activity invariably coincides with illness for me. I hope it recovers in time.

More fonts (it seems to be Era of the Fonts at the moment – Gill Willis calls about one that I did for her in the early days of this diary and which, it seems, I failed to invoice for. Whether I should be projecting that to world, or at least the handful of people that read this, I don’t know) and Joan comes over to record demos of songs we covered last Sunday so I won’t be all at sea when we play them in front of an agog crowd next month. Or I might be but I’ll have no excuse for it.

Does anyone know whether there’s a seperate font for Scandinavian languages, or do they use the European font mapping? Well, yes, of course there is. I think what I mean is that that person is without doubt not me.

If you’re re-reading that paragraph, scouring it for meaning, I suspect that that person isn’t you either.

Perhaps I’ll find them on the internet.

Pop to Boots to buy expensive mouthwash. Yes, I know it won’t work. It’s not a scientific application of medicine, it’s a sacrifice to try to placate some kind of dental god.

I try to record demos of songs myself (having gone to the trouble of digging up the microphones and all that), but it’s a bit dreadful. The aching in the gum isn’t enough to distract me from font-making, or spoil the pleasure in listening to Dead Ringers assuming there is any pleasure in listening to Dead Ringers. Come to think of it, I’ve never found any, except that time that I wrote a deeply abusive rolling account of an episode and posted it on the Comedy Forum. Anyway, no pleasure in these recordings.

I very much like the fact that it’s now possible to listen to the radio asynchronously.

(I’m talking about the BBC’s Radio on Demand thing. I listen to Neil Innes and that episode of Lloyd Cole Knew My Father I went to the recording of, and which has cut together very nicely indeed.

Er, hurrah. I think. Why not.