ill-prepared, underrehearsed, uncommitted and with a sadly limited technique

I manage to wake up at 7:00 again and even feel good about it. That must be the power of Guitar Craft. Testify, brother, testify.

I even manage to sit down at (pretty much) 9:30 and start work proper on the Secret Project. I wasn’t sure how long it would take, so didn’t have any specific aim. Consequently it got a trifle vague after lunch. but then don’t we all.

Big day for phone calls – work people, people people, even someone who called me because they’d heard (from two different sources) that I’m a Lingo programmer, which is sadly wide of the actual truth.

I also have to put a disc to be collected. Remember the one I delivered last year (with the demi-shave)? That one. It appears that it got lost on the way from reception.

At 8:00 I have a bath and get ready to go to the Purple Turtle for the Coffey gig. Ben calls and we chat about GC, the secret project and other stuff. I should look at learning yoga if I intend to talk on the telephone and put my socks on simultaneously on a regular basis.

Then off to the gig at 9:00. It does feel strange going out to play at that time.

Tonight’s Turtle experience is fairly smooth, despite the fact that I’m having to calculate the first notes of my vocal harmonies from what I’m playing on the guitar and play the guitar, all this in front of an audience. I do drop a couple of notes, but if you want to know about division of attention, there it is.

The audience themselves are slightly lacklustre – London is known for the poor quality of her audiences, who are invariably ill-prepared, underrehearsed, uncommitted and with a sadly limited technique.

On a couple of occasions, though, we move up to the next level, where there are flashes of psychicness between the players. It’s a shame that Matt has to go off to pastures new, but he does. Not pastures exactly, obviously. This is London, there hasn’t been anything in the line of pastures here for hundreds of years.

In future the amp will be turned sideways across the stage, so that all the players can hear it. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

Very late again. Shall I go to see Mr Artingstall tomorrow or shall I just crash out and watch Crime Scene Investigation? It is a vexed question.