to the left chaos and disease

Back to it then – there’s more Secret Project stuff. First, I gather up bottles. During my midmorning break I take them to the bottle bank and at lunchtime I extensively clean the area around the sink where the bottles had been I also clean the cooker. This is progress and makes for a strange before and after effect – to the right of a line, spotless, to the left chaos and disease.

In the afternoon, and despite sniffles (that is to say a minor cold. I haven’t gone and got a small dog) I go to the gym and do minor exertions and sit in the hot room. Afterwards, I go to the housewares shop on the Cut and buy a mop and mop bucket. This presages great things in the mopping department, methinks. Or at least one would hope so. I also (perhaps a trifle en retard) buy a lot of vitamin C tablets. The man in the shop was quite surprised to be asked for one of those things you put plastic bags in the top and they come out of the bottom, you know, for convenient storage. Which, when you see some of the things he has got in his shop, was a bit of a surprise.

There are also two calls from prospective employers, both in the same office although on different floors (and so about fifteen feet from each other, vertically) and within two minutes of each other. Synchronicity, eh? At least I know what I’ll be doing in the next couple of weeks.

I decide not to put the mop to use immediately (I’ll savour that pleasure in good time), but decide to go to shinay for the first time in months. I don’t really settle, though and keep falling asleep. I sneak out about half-way in case my sudden lurches forward are disturbing other, more dedicated, meditators.

At home I get back to The Secret Project and manage to finish the first draft of another spread.