Largely because I can.

I get half a morning of Britten done before I have to jet off to the Dental examination. I also listen to Joe’s CD a few times to try to familiarise myself with the songs. Then I walk up to Shaftesbury Avenue. Largely because I can.

The Dental thing is painless (because it’s a check-up – duh!). Just some cleaning to do , despite the fact that the Tories may still have been in power the last time I had a check up. My teeth have been very good to me, even though I’ve been rotten to them. Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen (try to keep ’em clean). I book an appointment for the hygienist.

On the way out I check that my optician’s appointment has registered. It hasn’t. I make another one for tomorrow morning. So that’s all right. Then I come home to get stuck into finish running the Britten into galleys, and then do some font stuff.

Necessity demands that I do some ironing, so I do. Quite a lot of ironing, actually. And I listen to The Amber Spyglass while attempting to record it for a nephew. I’m listening to it more, I think, than is good for me.

Bed on time-ish.