of course the opposite is true

I manage half an hour’s NST practice after breakfast and before starting work. Then I start work, juggling The Secret Project, Britten and the last remaining font.

I meet up with Phil H for lunch, at the Buddhist cafe, as usual, and, as usual, it’s lovely. I take the iBook with me so that he can see it – he is feeling in strong need of a computer, and wants to see what an iBook is like. There is an exciting influx of luvvies, occupying the central table and making it difficult to get served for a few minutes. I have to admit that although I recognise them, I can’t place any of them apart from Kristen Scott Thomas. There’s that horrible feeling that I’m being rude and ought to say hello, as at the Donmar party, but of course the opposite is true.

Return to more bits and pieces of work. I think I have to simultaneously wait in for a delivery and go up to the Guildhall to collect some Britten pics, but in the end neither delivery nor collection occur.

There are many phone calls on account of that fact that I have a sore throat and am croaky and sound a lot iller than I actually am.

I try mixing Peter’s album (I thought that this would provoke him into phoning, but apparantly not), but to no conclusive effect.

I have a long telephone call with someone about using Microsoft Word (I’m giving information rather than requiring it. I think I know all I need to about Word). This then turns into a long discussion of Guitar Craft.

Hmm. Saturday. We will apparantly be the only people in the country not at Hyde Park.