But am I an arty and moody kind of guy?

The day is largely spent Photoshopping – I’ve reached that point where I’m staring madly at tiny details, wondering how I can make them work. In between I have fifty CDs (twenty-five of each) to manufacture before Mr Sherwood arrives to collect them. I shall be promoting them instore at Borders next week. Can you imagine such a thing. I thought at first that it would be just a gig, but of course there’ll be promotional material on display and stuff. With a photo. Scary. The one that David likes best is the one that looks like:

Which he says looks arty and moody. Mm. But am I an arty and moody kind of guy?

Anyway, it turns out that the fifty is excessive, and he takes fifteen of each with him. I’m vaguely nervous about the whole thing.

Actually I think it might be a prime example of “exposing the performer to public ridicule”.