I’m standing sweatily in his shop staring at the cakes

The first part of the day is spent carrying on with my desperate attempt to make space for my fellow Crafties tomorrow. To this end I make space in the bedroom to receive stuff from the living room. I possess an inordinate amount of zombie stuff, neither really needed nor valuable enough to sell, nor valueless enough to throw away. I wish I could find out what will inevitably happen to it to hasten the process.

After some space has been cleared in the bedroom I can start to move stuff from the living room which promises to make a lot of space. I am not sure that this is a promise that I or the flat can keep, however.

In here somewhere I go to the gym and buy cakes for tomorrow. The chap in the chef’s costume at Konditor and Cook eyes me suspiciously, since I’m standing sweatily in his shop staring at the cakes, unable to make up my mind. In the end I just buy some without really thinking about it. They’re all good.

After that I make the long trek up to Spekki’s for a VAC meet-up – Spekki, Joan, Rich, Tessa, Edwina and myself with an appearance from Alan the Emergency Bassman. Everybody plays a bit (myself, perhaps, too much. In retrospect) and I get to hear Edwina sing, which is a pleasure. She hasn’t really had an opportunity the last couple of gatherings I’ve seen her at. The trek up had involved a bus to Euston and then a 73 and then a long walk to Stoke Newington Road. The trip back involves a bus to Waterloo. I’ll remember that for next time.

Mmm. Up early tomorrow to continue the Tidy.