I am billed, wholly against my will, as an expert

The first part of the morning is spent trying to get more Hare Stuff done, then I have to jet out to the Jeays rehearsal. This time I just take my guitar. There is much drinking of tea and eating of biscuits and at least some playing. I also have my first negative encounter with a printer of the day – Lucy cannot get the ink cartridge out of her printer. Neither can I, despite the fact that I am billed, wholly against my will, as an expert. Indeed, a computer person, which (I have noted before) sounds like a euphemism for android.

But some work is done and the new Jeays magnum opus is tentatively planned.

After some more tinkering on Lucy’s behalf (this time it’s Jeays himself trying to change the bulb in her car headlight, with a similarly attenuated degree of success) I head home, do another hour of work before heading out to Osvalda’s, where I give her and David some instruction in Microsoft Word, general Mac stuff and also fail to get her printer to work. Two in one day. A new record.

I return home and a little more Hare Business.