or even a viable present

FTP might be the future, or even a viable present, if I could get someone to empty the folder at the other end.

So the day is spent working on the Hares and on the Secret Project and hoping that I can send something over on Monday.

In the evening I continue with the copious extras on the Lord of the Rings DVD. It’s actually quite inspiring the amount of love and energy that has gone into the film, and also Peter Jackson’s other motive (to build a viable hi-tech film industry in New Zealand) shows through. There’s nothing wrong with that. What with this stuff and Fox’s Sydney facility, I suspect that the future of hi-tech filmmaking might be antipodean. It’s astonishing how much time this sort of thing takes.

In there somewhere I lower the action on the fenix guitar that I use for Jeays gigs. In fact I lower it too far, then raise it a bit, then raise it a bit more. Thank you to Steve A, who told me at Southampton about the slats of plastic that they put under a guitar bridge to raise it up.