Something radical might be required.

Thinking about funds and logistics for the Summer Performance Project, wherever that might be (not Los Molinos, apparantly). Something radical might be required.

I respond by having a non-radical, non-useful day. It’s nice to have a day when I allow myself to do precisely nothing I do do things – practicing some NST and some OST, the latter using the Fenix and with some playing along to Band in a Box jazz standards. My playing is terrible, though. No focus possibly because I don’t have the usual time limitations.

I download a fascinating document from the San Francisco Circle Site about fretboard logic in NST, which I’m going to have to take some time to absorb.

I also sleep a lot.

Then back to the Lord of the Rings DVD. I watch the extras disc 2 (including the section on the soundtrack, which almost but not quite changes my vehement opinions about the score. I have long felt that they should have used Elizabeth Fraser instead of Enya. I now discover that they used her in addition to Enya. Don’t know where this leaves me).

What strikes me, watching the Making Of… documentaries is how I am reminded of Guitar Craft, and I suppose every creative endeavour has this quality (although it seems to have been particularly strong here – a number of people refer to the cast members visiting and hanging out at the effects/props/miniatures workshop, so that rather than there being a division between cast and technical they all recognise and respect the parts that the other departments play. I find that quite inspiring). One of the cast (Elijah Wood?) refers to the project as “the biggest student film in the world”, and carrying lamps and other equipment when they need to be carried. Perhaps this is how we are supposed to live all the time.

I also watch part one again three times – with the Director/Producers’ commentary and with they cast commentary, and without either commentary. It’s getting a bit obsessive.