In that case it’s the size of the audience, definitely.

Again with the Photoshopping (this time the Secret Project followed by more Hare Business) and filling up the Walker FTP server and thus adding to an already intolerable level of stress and nonsense for them.

In the evening I bus up to the Vortex to see Livingstone’s Kabinet at the Pirate Jenny’s club there. Sadly, only a very few other people have made the same decision. So a very small audience. As I learned at Bunjies, though, it’s not so much the size of the audience as the quality of their attention – a large group of drunken inattentive people are a far worse proposition than a small group of engaged and interested people. Unless you’re a performer, of course. In that case it’s the size of the audience, definitely.

Des does the first half (the original support having been struck down by some lurgi or other), bravely I thought, and Livingstone’s Kabinet do the second. Well, obviously. I listened to their CD many times last year, so I had to suppress my terrible habit of moving my lips along with the lyrics. I think that might have put Nina off. Also I sat at the side until she asked me to move (ostensibly so I could see Pete behind the piano, which was a good point, but I realised it was also because it meant she didn’t have to perform to lots of individual people all over the place. I really ought to give performers more consideration).

Terrific gig, though. I may even go and see them in Denmark some time (apparantly it’s really cheap by EasyJet), where I’m promised aptly untechnical drumming and possibly the backing singers doing a gumboot dance.

It’s nice to be so glad that you’ve gone out to see something, isn’t it?