at least they’re in a band

In the morning I trek over to Art in the Park (the park in question being Burgess Park) to talk about doing a job for them. Burgess Park is very long and thin, with the result that it’s quite difficult to see it except from a particular angle, or at least to see how big it is.

It seems straightforward, which means it probably won’t be…

Job picked up I come home and carry on with various other tasks. Then I try to get the small-but-perfectly-formed website for the guitar circle finished.

In the evening I go up to the Hope and Anchor to see Livingstone’s Kabinet’s other London gig. Very different from last night – whereas the Vortex was quiet to the point of reverence (which can be off-putting, I know) the Hope and Anchor was noisy and packed with other people who had come to see previous bands. I catch the whole set by the band immediately previous. I find myself increasingly intolerant of this sort of thing – it seems so lazy, so self-satisfied, someone singing about his bottomless well of angst with a smug grin on his face. But then they’re students, and when I think about how lazy and smug I was when I was their age, at least they’re in a band.

The Kabinet have one particular hurdle at this venue on account of the fact that an accordion is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a guitar. This slightly confuses the sound man, I think, though he does a sterling job of delivering ear-splittingly loud accordion into the room. No piano this time, so the sound was very different. I very much enjoy it – a slightly different focus on the songs. I also found it educational re playing to slightly bewildered audiences (and I’ve met a few of those in my time, eh, readers?).

Home on a bus (this seemingly inconsequential detail will be of huge importance to future historians, I assure you) and finish off the GCL website.