looks embarrassed, coughs and inspects his shoes

Back to struggling with the Hares, though we should be into the final stretch. Well, we ought to have been into the final stretch a week ago, but … looks embarrassed, coughs and inspects his shoes … sorry.

So in the evening I allow myself a watch of Minority Report, Mr Spielberg’s science fiction thingy. The problem with it is that it combines a wholly straightforward structure with the appearance of far more subversive genres – the Ultraclean Distopia (a phrase of my own making: I’m thinking about films like Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451, from which it seems that Spielberg borrows an aesthetic, or the original Solaris from which it seems to nick a final shot, in a way) and the conspiracy thriller.

There does seem to be a lot less of it in retrospect than there was when I was watching it.

Lots of odd little details, though. Like the fact that it seems to cram in a lot of details that would reassure the cineliterate that This is a Movie For Grown-ups without going to the unnecessary extreme of actually making a movie for Grown-ups.


Gattaca lifted the same aesthetic to far greater effect, I think.

Time successfully passed, so that aim was achieved, insofar as it can be described as an aim.